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What is life insurance 2? PDF

What is life insurance?

Imagine that you intend to build your home. A warm, beautiful, comfortable house - in which your whole family will happily live. And before you build this house - you will fill a reliable foundation for your home. Our life is unthinkable without money. It is incomes that allow us to plan the future, raise children and build houses. It is due to our current and future incomes that we plan the building of wealth for our families. But this building should have a solid foundation. The guarantee that we can pay the necessary expenses, save and achieve the most important financial goals of the family - regardless of how our life goes. A life that is subject to many different accidents - and that can end at any moment. However, under any scenarios prepared by life, the mortgage must be paid, the children must be well-fed and dressed, there must be funds for their education, and other important family tasks must be solved. How can a family guarantee themselves the fulfillment of these tasks in an unpredictable and dangerous life? This guarantee is life insurance. Life insurance is the foundation of our building wealth, the financial well-being of our families and our future. Only life insurance will provide our families and our children with capital, if an accident that we cannot control will deprive us of the opportunity to make money. Therefore - be sure to ensure the financial security of your loved ones with life insurance. If you need advice on the topic of life insurance - please send an application:


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