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What is included in life insurance? PDF

What is included in life insurance?

Let me at the beginning of the article destroy the established, gloomy stereotype. So many people think that life insurance is a financial tool needed in case of death. However, life insurance exists for life, and in the vast majority of cases it is used during life. I emphasize - during life, and not after it. Why? Let us turn to the definition - which I will then comment on from a worldly point of view. According to the law: Objects of life insurance may be property interests related to the survival of citizens up to a certain age or period or the onset of other events in the life of citizens, as well as their death (life insurance). Let me draw your attention to the fact that the event related to "survival to a certain age ?- is included in life insurance. I would even say that life insurance begins with survival. Why, what's the point? Over time, people grow old, and at some point lose their ability to work and make money. Their only source of income, working capacity - has dried up, has completely stopped. The well has dried up, income has run out. How is this problem solved? Imagine you have a new, wonderful machine. Working on it - you earn money to provide for a family. You lubricate the machine, treat it carefully, do the necessary preventive maintenance. However, even with the most careful handling, the time will come when the machine will completely wear out - and will require replacement. And in order to have the means to replace it - immediately after purchasing the machine, the prudent owner will begin to create an amortization fund. In such a way that by the time the old machine tool is completely worn out, there are funds to buy a new one. Our working capacity is the same "machine". I emphasize - for many, the only tool that allows you to earn a living. And when we get older, our essential equipment goes into decline. And he needs to be replaced with something, because if a person lives, he needs to pay expenses. And if a person is already too old to work, he will be provided with rent from pension capital. And that means - depreciation of our "equipment", our ability to work - consists in creating pension capital during our career. So, one of the most important tasks of life insurance is to create pension capital for a person at a time when he is young and full of energy, and can work productively. That is why the risk of "surviving to a certain age" is an integral part of life insurance. At a young age, having started his career, a person opens a contract that provides for regular contributions.



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What is included in life insurance

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