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Life insurance and retirement savings PDF

Life insurance and retirement savings.

If you carefully read the article, then you came across a statement that may seem controversial. I said that during ?survival?, when a person ends his career and becomes a pensioner, his pension capital is created in a life insurance policy. Some readers may disagree. Why do I argue that the best way to create retirement capital is with life insurance? Russians are well aware of the services of endowment life insurance and investment life insurance offered by Russian companies. And I completely agree that, as long-term savings instruments, these contracts are not effective - and in each of the mentioned articles there is a detailed explanation of this conclusion. Along with these policies, foreign unit-linked policies are available to Russians. It is these funded plans, legally being life insurance contracts, that are the optimal tools for creating retirement capital for most Russians. Because unit-linked policies allow you to automatically invest in equity assets that have the greatest growth potential over long periods of time. And thereby they really solve the problem of creating pension capital.


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