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This manual is prepared on the basis of domestic and foreign periodicals.

The prospects of the world economy in the XXI century will be largely determined by the level of development of the leading countries and their place in the major international regional economic communities. In this regard, it is of great theoretical and practical importance to study the level of development of the country's economy in General, and its insurance sector in particular, as well as the integration processes taking place in the world.

The paper briefly covers a wide range of insurance activities: the history of insurance of individual countries, the classification of insurance types, the organization of the insurance process, the leading insurance companies, the development of reinsurance and other issues.

A significant place in the textbook is given to the regulation of insurance activities, because insurance is a complex system that has penetrated into all layers of social and economic life of society, acting as a guarantor of economic stability, material well-being and entrepreneurial risk. Studying the experience of the insurance market of the USA, great Britain, Germany, France, China, Japan, Switzerland and others can be useful for the development of the insurance market of Russia.

This manual is divided on a territorial basis. It stands out from the introduction, the main part, the tests that are designed for self-examination of students, the list of sources used. The volume of the textbook is 177 pages.

The purpose of the textbook "Foreign insurance" is-the acquisition of theoretical knowledge, experience and practice of insurance companies in the world.

The main objectives of the textbook "Foreign insurance" are as follows:

- assessment of the need for insurance in countries regardless of socio-economic level of development;

- identification of directions of insurance development in the future;

the evaluation of the results of insurance companies ' activities in foreign countries;

- assessment of the possibility of using foreign experience in the practical activities of Russian insurance companies.

This work is compiled in such a way that those interested can receive clear, meaningful information on foreign insurance.

It is intended for specialists working in the field of insurance business, students, postgraduates and teachers of secondary and higher educational institutions, as well as for a wide range of readers.

Using this tutorial in the study of the world insurance economy, all of the above will be able to focus on the organization of the insurance business and its state regulation, taking into account the real conditions of foreign countries.

When writing the textbook, textbooks, manuals, legislative acts, periodicals were used.


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