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American gets $ 109,000 medical bill after heart attack PDF

The high cost of medical care is shocking Americans with hospital bills. US annual healthcare costs are estimated at $ 3.5 trillion. Hospital expenses make up almost a third of this amount.

However, there are often many inconsistencies in the billing process in a hospital.

So, Drew Culver, who was hospitalized last year in Austin, Texas due to a heart attack, received a six-figure bill for medical services.

Calver has health insurance from work, which covers about $ 55,000. However, a month later, Calver received a bill for treatment for almost $ 109,000. He and his wife Erin were shocked by this amount.

?I got the bill at a time when I was only supposed to think about how to stay healthy and avoid a new heart attack,? Culver complained.

?You do everything to save a person?s life, and then make his life a real nightmare,? added his wife Erin.

After the appeal of journalists, St. David?s Medical Center, where Culver was treated, announced the following statement: ?Our research shows that Mr. Culver will be eligible for a discount on financial assistance, after which his account will be less than $ 800.?

The hospital also said that they had offered Calver several times to seek financial help, but emphasized that the invoiced expenses reflected the ?retail price for the procedure, treatment, or visit.?

So how do medical bills get so high? Dr. Elizabeth Rosenthal, editor-in-chief of Kaiser Health News, explains that prices in hospitals are set ?arbitrarily.?

?They take them out of thin air,? she told CBS This Morning. - I have to say that I looked at this account, and the prices for each service were simply exorbitant: $ 200 for a blood test, $ 20,000 for one stent (device for reconstructing the transillumination of any organ - ed. ForumDaily). And these stents probably only cost $ 1,000. Hospitals make allowances for everything. ?

It?s important to remember that Calver also had insurance, Rosenthal notes. However, since the hospital in which he was being treated does not accept his insurance, he was given maximum bills for everything.

?This is really a common situation in American medicine, when the hospital and the insurer do not agree with the bill, and the patient remains in debt,? Rosenthal said.

?My first advice to people is not to pay a check,? Rosenthal says.

The first step is to get a detailed invoice so that you know exactly what you are paying for. Then go to the hospital and discuss the bill. Rosenthal offers some tools that will help during negotiations.

?You can take a look at Bluebook Blue Care or see what Medicare pays for such services. You can go and tell someone who is trying to rip off $ 100,000 from you that this is ridiculous and above the norm, ?she said.



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American gets $ 109,000 medical bill after heart attack

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