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The insurance policy is a set of various kinds of coatings. In the field of car insurance, there are many. Consider some of them.

Liability Coverage - compulsory civil liability. The most important coverage, especially for states where all responsibility lies with the culprit.

It must be borne in mind that if in the event of an accident with serious damage to cars, the insurance of the culprit of the accident will not cover all the costs, the court will demand the missing amount from it. And all family bank accounts, owned property, shares, if any, and the amount of 25% of the money earned by all family members in the next 10 years will go to cover it.

That is why, when insuring a car, it is worth imagining the worst and insuring yourself enough to be sure that tomorrow you will not be taken away.

Insurance broker and lawyer Diana Motsenat tells an incredible story about what surprises can be waiting for drivers on the road.

?The couple went on a trip to Ohio. We drove in the "house on wheels". One day, they got a wheel pierced, but they noticed it only when sparks from the contact of the wheel rim and asphalt had already started, ?she says. - As a result, the field located next to the highway caught fire from the spark. The damage was estimated at $ 3 million. $ 300 thousand was covered by their insurance, and the rest they had to pay out of their pocket. "

Medical Coverage / Personal Injury Protection - This is mandatory in some states, such as New York and Florida, and completely optional, for example, in California.

But those who live in states where this coverage is not necessary should consider including it in the insurance, because these funds are issued instantly, regardless of who is to blame for the incident. Moreover, a good insurance broker will certainly advise you to draw up such coverage, because with it you will be protected in case of injury. While the trial is ongoing, who is right, who is to blame, you need to get medical help - and you can take money for this from this coverage.

And here are 2 more types of coverage that should be included in your insurance policy - they will provide protection if you encounter a person on the road who does not have insurance or who does not have enough insurance.

Uninsured Motorist Bodily Injury / Underinsured Motorist Bodily Injury - This cover is responsible for bodily and moral damage, and Uninsured Motorist Property Damage covers damage from vehicle damage.

Since many factors affect the cost of the policy, the most correct decision on the issue of insurance is to find a professional broker who will help you choose exactly the policy that you need.

To minimize risks, you should contact only licensed insurance agents or large insurance companies. Do not fall for low insurance prices, as often they mean immediate benefits and a possible big loss if something unpleasant happens on the road.


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