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How to buy a car and get a license in the USA PDF

Car purchase

Choosing a good dealer

The first thing to do before buying a car is to choose a good dealer. It will not be superfluous to make a list of dealer addresses, where you can go to pick up the right car. It is necessary to give preference to organizations whose prices are fixed, excluding the possibility of bargaining. As a rule, they provide a one-hundred-percent guarantee for a month — if any defect is found in the purchased car, it will have to be quickly and free of charge eliminated. You can apply, for example, here.

Payment and necessary documents

To buy a car, you must have an SSN. Formally, you can buy a car without this document, but you will not be able to issue insurance. Car insurance in the United States is mandatory. If the owner does not purchase insurance, then he has no right to use the car.

However, there is a caveat: insurance for a car without SSN can be issued if the current visa of the buyer in principle does not require registration of this document. For example, B1/B2 visas.

The method of payment depends on where and from whom the car is purchased. If the seller is a private person from a classifieds site or a small car dealership, you will be able to pay in cash. Big cash dealers don't usually work. Most often, payment is made by Bank check. If the buyer's checkbook is temporary, payment may not be accepted. In such cases, often the representative of the company goes with the buyer to the Bank, and there in his presence is written a check for the appropriate amount.

It can be unprofitable to pay for a purchase with a card of a Bank of another country and even more so with a foreign currency account attached to it. First, too large a transfer amount American banks may find suspicious and block the transaction. And secondly, the Commission for such operations and the conversion of a large amount is usually very large.

In different States, the rules related to the necessary documents for such a transaction may vary slightly, so it is best to check all the information beforehand at the actual place of stay.

Additional costs: insurance and taxes

The value of the car it is necessary to add approximately 6% of the price because you'll still have to pay sales tax, the cost of re-registration of the vehicle and its license plate, and insurance. How much the insurance will cost depends on the car itself, on the history of the driver's license, driving experience and tariffs of the insurer. Usually the first payment-no more than 180 dollars. Further, as soon as the foreign driver's license will be replaced by local, will have to pay $ 40 less.

Annual re-registration

Every year after buying a car will need to undergo the procedure of re-registration. It costs about 50-60 dollars, the transport fee is already included in this amount.

Car loan and leasing. Prices

This site will help to understand the prices of cars in the United States.

If we talk about leasing (car rental for a fixed period-3 years-with monthly payments), then, given all the difficulties and costs, this option becomes quite expensive. After all, this implies an initial payment of about $ 200, monthly lease payments and penalties for their untimely Commission. In addition, the client bears all other costs associated with the operation of the car: monthly payments for insurance (large, if driving experience is not enough), registration of the car in the state authorities, annual re-registration, various inspections, state tax. On the websites of many dealers there is a convenient calculator that will help calculate all costs.

For those who are not permanent residents of the United States, for the lease, as for the loan, you will need a guarantee of a citizen of the country with a good credit history.

Obtaining a driver's license

A driver's license is issued by the authorities of the state in which the person lives. In different States, the agencies involved in issuing licenses are called differently, for example, Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) — Department of motor vehicles or Motor Vehicle Administration — Motor vehicle administration, or Department of Public Safety-Department of public safety. State-specific information can be found here.

To obtain a driver's license will have to visit one of the DMV centers (similar to our traffic police), where you need to fill out an application, pay a fee for the exam and pass all the tests (theory and practical skills of driving). Holders of international driving licenses will need to pass only the theoretical part of the exam. Those who get a license for the first time, after passing the theoretical test receive a temporary driver's license (Learner's permit). It gives the right to drive, but with many exceptions and limitations. But this document will help to develop driving skills and prepare for the practical part of the exam.

At the DMV center, future drivers will also be asked to get checked by an ophthalmologist and leave fingerprints.

An important caveat: to obtain an American driver's license, you must have an SSN. The exception is the holders of student visa F-1, the terms of which do not imply the receipt of Social Security Number. The student in this case, to get the right, you need to provide the DMV office a certificate confirming his status and the absence of the need to have an SSN.

More information about the procedure for obtaining a driver's license can be found here.

Replacement of driver's license

Russian rights in the United States are valid for the first few months (from three to twelve, depending on the state) of stay in the country and only upon presentation of a passport. At the end of this period, the rights must be replaced by American ones.



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