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How car insurance works in the United States. What happens in the event of an accident PDF

Actions that can / should make the car owner in the event of an accident in the United States. It describes the possible options for solving the problem without insurance companies.

Hello Everyone! On the air Shushenik, author of the blog " All about the USA." Today I will talk about how car insurance works in the United States, and how most often I do, I will tell it by example. For 4 years of my driving experience in the USA 2 times I had accidents, but, thank God, small. Not my fault. And I'm just going to tell you what to do in such cases, how insurance works in General. I will start with the most recent case, it was at the end of last year, in December 2013. I was standing at a traffic light and a car hit me from behind, just a little bit, nothing serious there. Just scratches on the bumper. What happens in such cases? As far as I know, in Ukraine, if there was an accident, those who knocked, and stand, waiting for insurers or the police, I do not know who they are waiting there. But I remember when I lived in Kiev, very often it was possible to observe a scene, in the morning you go to work, cars stand, there accident in the middle of the road, they are direct so there and stand. In the evening you come back, they still stand. There is no need to stand, you hit, you drive off to the side of the road or drive up somewhere, and there already solve all the issues. I will tell you a specific situation that I had in December. We drove off, it was already very late, about 11 PM, and I still had relatives in the car, just they came to visit me. The driver of the car that hit me immediately said " I'm sorry." I do not know how in other countries, but in the United States, as far as I know, if hit from behind, it is 100% the fault of the person who hit. Even if you are cut, hit or something, the blow from behind is the fault of the one who hit. Anyway, I wrote down all his details, his insurance number, and so on, and we split up. What was my mistake? I consciously on this commanded, because me not like there stand, at night, not understandable where, in not particularly good district, and wait 3 hours police. Ideally, you should always call the police to the scene of an accident, even if the accident is small and nothing happened. If there is any damage, and you want them repaired (in my case it was scratches on the bumper), then you need to call the police, so they made a report. And that they write down on the record who is to blame and what will happen. Because the insurance company takes decisions on the basis of the police report. If that's what the COP wrote, it's what he wrote. If the police were not called, in our case, we separated, then it is already on the conscience of each of us. I called his insurance company, told them the situation, they wrote it down ,said, " okay, we'll get back to him." They contacted him for about a month. I was told that if he did not respond (he did not answer the phone, they could not leave him messages), then it will hang, because without his words, without his testimony, they can not do anything. This point is very important: if the police were not called, there is no Protocol, then this can be. And it can all end with the fact that you have to go to court, pay money to lawyers and prove in court what happened. Of course, if it is something small, then it does not even make sense. By this I mean that ideally you should always call the police. We will have to wait a long time, because, of course, the accident, if it is not serious, there are no victims-a very low priority for the police thing. Therefore they will arrive maybe in an hour, half an hour, I do not know, looking where and how. In my case, everything ended well, they found it, the car was repaired (I'll tell you later how this whole situation happens). But before that, I want to say one more thing.

What a mistake the man who hit me made. He made more mistakes that could have cost him a lot more. First, he did not check how many people I have in the car, whether there are victims, whether there are children, did not take any information, nothing. The thing is, if I said, let's say I could lie, that I had a minor child in the car, and because of that impact, he had some kind of concussion or something, that person would be in very serious trouble. He would be charged a lot of money, the insurance company would pay me for the treatment of the child or something. That is, there may be such situations. It is very important, especially if you are guilty, or you think that in the end it will turn out that you are guilty, be sure to check whether everything is in order. And it is in your interest, in the interest of the guilty party, that the police be called and everything recorded. What happens when you file that stigma with an insurance company? As far as I know, first you need to call your insurance company, even if you are not to blame, you need to let them know that there was an accident. Then call the insurance company of the one who is guilty. Tell the whole situation, if there is a police report, it's all easier. And, if it is ultimately decided that that person is to blame, his insurance company pays you to repair the car. In this case, everything depends on the insurance company, on what their rules are. In my insurance company and in that person's company such rules that they call the SS, that is it is the person who estimates loss. In this case, again, it can be different, he called me and said "I'll come where you say", came to my house, looked at my car, wrote down and said that he was writing me a check for 700 something dollars. And they, the insurance company, didn't care where I'm going to repair the car. There are companies that say "you can only fix a car in such and such workshops that we work with." There are insurance companies that don't care. They just give you money, you fix it yourself. And they can give you money, you can not fix it as you want, you can just take the money, you can fix it yourself. This is your choice. He wrote a check and said it looked like it was just a scratch, just paint worn off, but he didn't know what was inside. If there is something cracked or bent, then the workshop can call him, and he will raise this price, directly and wrote down that it is external inspection. If something is internally wrong, he will negotiate directly with the workshop, and they will decide. That's not your problem.

n addition, the insurance company often pays for the rented car while your will be repaired. But, again, you need to be careful, do not make it so that you give the car for repair on Friday, and pick up on Tuesday or Wednesday. Because no one will pay you anything on the weekend. They want you to pay for repairs on Monday or Tuesday and pick up before the end of the week, because on the weekend they do not want to pay anything. Unless, of course, it's some serious damage that needs to be repaired for weeks. So, with this check, I went to the shop where they fixed my car. There it turned out nothing there is no, simply bumper changed and all. This is a situation that happened recently. And, I was saying, another situation happened when I was living in new York. Even less serious situation: in the Parking lot I just a little bit scratched from behind, also very slightly, only the paint was erased. In that case, we called the police, the police recorded all our data, and we agreed that just a man himself will fix my car. That he had some acquaintances in the workshop, and he would arrange with them, pay, they would fix it, there was only paint. That is, I want to say that it is possible, in principle, and without insurance companies to negotiate. If, for example, you are sure that you are guilty or you called a police officer and he said that you are guilty, it is on your responsibility, and it is not something serious, then often there is not even sense to involve the insurance company. Because in this case in your profile it will be written that you had an accident on your fault, from it the insurance rises. And it's been hanging on your profile for years. If it's not something serious, and you have no money problems, you can there 200-300 dollars, do not know how much it costs, pay out of your own pocket. That is it is possible to agree and so, to tell that I will repair or I have a car in a workshop, or I will pay, you will repair. If they agree, of course. It's all legal, the policeman wrote in the Protocol that we agreed ourselves that we do not call the insurance company, and we decided this issue ourselves.



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How car insurance works in the United States

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