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Last year, when he returned from a vacation on Lake Tahoe, Marat hit a stone in the windshield of a car, as a result of which the windshield had to be replaced. Marat appealed to the insurance company, reporting the incident. The glass was replaced within a couple of days, out of his pocket, Marat paid $ 100, since his insurance was deductible. This incident did not affect the further cost of insurance.

In general, the following factors affect the cost of car insurance:

- gender and age of the car owner;

- his marital status;

- driving experience in the USA (in the world);

- the area in which your vehicle will stay overnight;

- insurance limits;

- franchise (deductible). It reduces the cost of insurance if you decide that in the event of an emergency you will partially compensate for the damage yourself. For example, if you decide that your deductible deductible is $ 500, then in the event of an accident that will cause you $ 3,000 damage, you will be reimbursed only $ 2,500, the rest $ 500 you have to pay. And in the event that you scratched the bumper during parking and repairs ended up costing $ 300, you do not need to contact the insurance company. That is, the franchise essentially reduces the total cost of the insurance policy, and the more it is, the lower the cost of insurance.

Ruben Alishaev has been living in the USA for 14 years. Now - in the state of New York in the safe "Russian" district of Queens Rego Park. Ruben has a 2016 Infiniti QX60 leased. 2 drivers are insured in the insurance for the car - Ruben himself and his dad Joseph. Drivers age 31 and 65, respectively, driving experience 13 and 12 years. The main driver is Ruben, the second is his father, although in fact it is the father?s car.

But for an insurance company, Ruben looks like a more reliable driver, because he has a better credit history and, unlike his dad, there are no penalty points for driving. Insurance of this car costs Ruben about $ 2000 per year. The car is insured by Geico.

In general, insurance is more expensive in New York than, for example, in California. But at the same time, a driver living in a village in upstate New York will pay less than a resident of Los Angeles or San Francisco.

For example, 36-year-old Alisa Savelyeva from the city of Galloway in the state of New Jersey, together with her husband own a 2006 Mercedes Benz C230 and a 2016 Toyota 4Runner.

Each car has insurance, at the time of registration of which the drivers had a driving experience of 12 and 6 years, respectively. For both cars insured by Geiko, the couple pays $ 981 for six months.

In addition, even the results of the insurance company's own financial activities may affect the cost of insurance. So, if she had significant losses in the previous year, then she was forced to just so, without other reasons, raise insurance prices in order to stay afloat.


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