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As for buying a used car, I also thought about it at the time, and came to the conclusion that if you count everything, it hardly makes sense.

At rent of the machine:

1) the Car will always be new, not at the age of 10-15 years that you buy for $2000. Therefore-it is nicer, better. Less likely to break down on the road (close to zero).

2) in case of breakage or accident - this is the problem of the insurance company. You will get another car the same day and drive on.

3) when renting a car by foreigners, more than half of the price is occupied by the same insurance. The car itself can cost $15-25 a day. What is cheaper than buying even taking into account if the car needs to be returned in another city (while taking an additional fee from $500 to ~$1500).

4) to rent, it is better to use the British / European sites of American rental offices. There are tariffs for Europeans below. It seems to have something to do with insurance. Specific addresses of sites can write later - they are on my home computer, not at hand.


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